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Joy Yang
what does this mean? I'm reading a novel" a time to kill". Please help me to understand the meaning of " most of the criminal case set for trial will go off on negotiated plea bargains."( page 113) " he ran for reelection one time too many"( page 112) thanks a lot!!
Jun 7, 2015 11:32 PM
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Hi Joy, "Time To Kill" is a good book. I used to read a lot of John Grisham's novels :) In North America, most people who are charged with a criminal offence do not go to trial (where they have their case argued in front of a judge and/or jury in a courtroom). Instead, many people who are charged with a crime end up "pleading guilty" -- that means, they choose to take responsibility for the crime they were charged with and are then given a sentence by a judge. The book says "negotiated plea bargains" because usually the defense lawyer (who is representing the person who was charged with the crime) and the Crown (the lawyer who is representing the state) negotiate what sentence the person should receive. Usually, when the sentence they agree on is suggested to the judge, it will be accepted by the judge. Often, the negotiated sentence will be something less serious ("a lesser sentence") than what the Crown would have asked for if the case went to trial (as Alexander said). There are many reasons why someone who is charged with a crime would plead guilty (even if, in some cases, they did not actually commit the crime). It can take a very, very long time for a person's case to go to trial (months, even years), and if someone is being held in jail while they are waiting for their trial (because they did not receive bail), they might want to plead guilty just to receive their sentence and get out of jail sooner. Also, as I said, they might not want to take the risk of receiving a harsher sentence if their case goes to trial but they lose. Not sure if I gave you too much information, Joy!! But I hope it was helpful :)
June 8, 2015
"most of the criminal case set for trial will go off on negotiated plea bargains." First, it sounds that there should be an "s" after "case" to make it plural because "bargains" is plural: "most of the criminal CASES set for trial will go off on negotiated plea bargains." This means that the majority of cases scheduled to go to trial will typically result. in the lawyers and the judge assigned to the case will agree together to a lesser sentence for the accused. "go off" here means "they will result in a plea bargain" "he ran for reelection one time too many" is a short form of saying "he ran for reelection many times but the last one resulted in a failure" (failure of some kind, but I would need the full context of the sentence.
June 7, 2015
Joy Yang
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