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What's to pay? A: What a pleasant surprise running into you! I haven't see you in a while.What's to pay? B: I've been around.Nothing new is happening.. What i'd like to know is the sentence "What's to pay?" what does this mean? Thank you.....
2015年6月8日 04:30
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Im a native enlish speaker and that doesnt make any sense to me.
The question 'What's to pay?' is one i have never really heard [ever] but it seems as though its reffering to what you have been through and such. I am thinking this because 'pay' could be asking about what you have 'payed' or in a sense gone through. Where did you find that dialogue though?
You have either misheard or the first speaker has used an inappropriate idiom. The second speaker interpreted it as I suggest. 'There'll be hell to pay' IS an idiom - perhaps they appropriated it for their own purpose to mean 'what's your news?' - what bills have you racked up, what's to be paid for, what's new?
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