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What are the meanings of "Selamat makan sahur" and "Selamat bersahur"? Hi, can a Malay speaker please tell me what are the meanings of the Ramadan greetings: "Selamat makan sahur" and "Selamat bersahur"? Also, besides the Ramadan greetings: "Selamat berpuasa", "Selamat puasa" and "Selamat berbuka puasa", what are some other greetings that Muslim Malaysians and Indonesians say during the holy month of Ramadan? Terima kasih (thank you) in advance for your replies! :)
Jun 8, 2015 10:26 AM
Answers · 3
Terima kasih banyak (thank you very much), Azie Aie! :) Your answer was quite understandable, and well-explained, MasyaaAllah! ;) InsyaaAllah, I will add this to this blog post in the near future: Your contribution is much appreciated! :)
September 19, 2015
Selamat Makan Sahur and Selamat Bersahur is actually the same but the proper is Selamat Bersahur. It means that you are taking meal during the night before dawn at 4 or 5 am (In Malaysia). It seems like breakfast during the morning but not similar. The other greeting we Malaysian greet are, "Happy Iftar" which means Selamat Berbuka too. But the word of Iftar is an Arabic word. Also, Ramadhan Kareem which means have a bless Ramadhan. Am I answer your question, Samanjoonii? I hope you are more intereseted with Malaysian people, its culture and also me. Hehe
September 17, 2015
that was the same meaning as you know . :)
July 18, 2015
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