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Victoria Tran
the differences between capacity, competence ability these three words really make me confused as they are likely having the same meaning. the question is "the relate to others." What should I choose? Please help me!
Jun 8, 2015 10:30 AM
Answers · 7
You might also add the word 'Capability'! just to complicate things; 'competence' doesn't really belong in this group of words, because it refers to degree of ability or qualification. Capability is about unused or undeveloped ability - about potential ability; capacity refers (in this sense) to mental power or talent or even position.
June 8, 2015
In your sentence, you could use "ability" or "capacity". My instinct is that "ability" sounds more natural but there's not much in it. Not "competence". NB The nouns "competence" and "competency" are related but different. "Competency" is a synonym for "ability".
June 8, 2015
Hi, I would choose either "ability", or "capacity" as an answer for the sentence. Please see the following links to understand the meanings and differences between "capacity", "competence" and "ability": - - - I hope that this helps, Insha'Allah (God willing)! :)
June 8, 2015
Victoria Tran
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