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Erica Lush
Does anyone know the meaning of طقاقه? Hello, Does anyone know the meaning of طقاقه? I can't find it in my dictionaries but a google search shows it is a word and not a typo. In context: "أصبح لا يعرف من طقاقه" Thanks for your help! Erica
2015년 6월 8일 오후 1:38
Answers · 8
it is a gulf dialect we call the women who play the Daf in the weddings or big celebrations طقاقة or طقاقات for the popular .
2015년 6월 8일
i dont know we call the female drummer طقاقه lol
2015년 7월 7일
Sorry, are you sure that the book is written with classical Arabic? because it seems like a dialect.
2015년 6월 8일
it is a gulf dialect, maybe means hostile
2015년 6월 8일
Erica Lush
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