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Tips for conjugating?~ I seem to have a hard time conjugating and making verbs past tense, so I was wondering if there are any good lessons and/or videos to better understand, even some tips would be in all ways beneficial. Thanks in advance~
9 يونيو 2015 00:40
Answers · 2 Tae Kim puts it succinctly; his grammar guide is a great resource. By past tense, do you mean plain form or polite form? Or both? Here's some tips for remembering plain form. With past non-negative plain form, verbs conjugate into past tense very similarly to -te form. for example: 食べる→食べて→食べた (ichidan verb; plain present==>te form==>plain past) 読む→読んで→読んだ (godan verb; same thing) If you can remember that, you've got past plain form down. Plain negative past form is super similar to i-type adjective conjugations. for example: さむい → さむなかった (i-adj; plain present to plain past) 飲む→飲まなかった (godan verb; same thing) Just change the final u to a and add nakatta.
9 يونيو 2015
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