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まだ と また あの映画、何回見てもまだ見たいです と あの映画、何回見てもまた見たいです どちが正しい? よろしくお願いします!
9 июня 2015 г., 5:33
Answers · 7
あの映画、何回見てもまだ見たいです =I have been seeing that movie many times and many hours/days, but so addicted and cannot stop seeing it. Thus, I want to rewind and start over again. と あの映画、何回見てもまた見たいです = I have seen the movie many times so far. I like it so much, so I want to see it sometime again. 違いがわかる???
10 июня 2015 г.
まだ = yet, still また = again Both make sense but in my personal opinion "あの映画、何度見てもまた見たいです" is more preferable as a native expression :)
9 июня 2015 г.
hola quiero aprender japones
9 июня 2015 г.
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