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A math quiz I read a tweeter about a quiz in GCSE.And those guys consider it as something serious.There's a comment goes like'My mum works for an accountancy company and it took 4 accountants 2hrs to answer the sweets Q.They have maths degrees'.Then many Chinese started to poke fun at them.Cause it's just basic math quiz for Chinese teenagers. I'm not showing off how the math education appears to be successful in China here,just kind of wonder if it's true.I used to watch some videos about probability theory class in European schools.Those students are not this lame.So I assume it's totally a hooey. There are n sweets in a bag. 6 of the sweets are orange. The rest of sweets are yellow. Hannah takes at random a sweet from the bag. She eats the sweet. Hannah then takes at random another sweet from the bag. She eats the sweet. The probability that Hannah eats two orange sweets is 1/3. (a)Show that n²-n-90=0 It can't be easier,6/n*5/(n-1)=1/3 and here it is n²-n-90=0
Jun 9, 2015 8:08 AM
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My, age 17, did it in 10 seconds. My father, age 45, did it in 20 seconds (and he is also good at maths). People thought it was very hard because of the larger hold of social media. People who found it hard (who are not good at maths), all went straight to twitter after the exam to complain about it. I have spoken to my previous maths teacher, as he teaches GCSE [I am studying A-Level maths now]. He said, all the good maths students found it easy. They did not complain. All the bad students gave it a try, but could not see the step of making it into the equation "6/n*5/(n-1)=1/3", so they struggled. It is not a problem with our education, only a problem with people emphasising something on social media.
June 10, 2015
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