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What is the difference between: тебе & тебя ? What is the difference between: тебе & тебя ?
Jun 9, 2015 3:16 PM
Answers · 4
"тебя" is the genitive and accusative form of "ты"; "тебе" -- dative and prepositional
June 9, 2015
This different forms 1 word. It is name "падеж" in russian. "Тебе" - answer question "кому?" and "тебя" answer question "кого?" , for example : "Тебе пришло письмо" ("you got a letter") письмо пришло "кому?" - тебе. (the letter came "Who?" - you. Я приглашаю "кого?" - тебя в кино. (I invite "who?" - you to the movies)
June 10, 2015
It is like: I'll give you this book. (Я дам тебе эту книгу) and I love you. (Я люблю тебя)
June 10, 2015
Дам тебе. Покажу тебе. Расскажу/скажу тебе. Возьму у тебя. Возьму тебя с собой. Спрошу у тебя. Накажу тебя.
June 9, 2015
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