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Soomin 珉珉
"幸福" and "幸福着" What is the difference between "你的幸福" and "你的幸福着"?
Jun 9, 2015 7:26 PM
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着 shows process
June 11, 2015
In standard Mandarin, "幸福" has two meaning. 1. n. happiness 2. adj. happy So, "你的幸福" is right, but "你的幸福着" is wrong. However, "幸福" is also an adjective, so in a sentence we can consider it as a verb and we can say "他幸福着呢。" (He's really happy now.) Here "着" is a suffix, usually added after a verb, indicating "something is happening or in a continuous statement". For example: 门开着。The door is open. 他吃着饭呢。He is eating meal. Anyway, this "着" is quite complicate in Chinese, hope my answer will be helpful, and if you have more question, you are mostly welcome to contact with me. : ) Li Ying
June 10, 2015
你的幸福= 너의 행북 你的幸福着=틀려요-->你幸福着 카톡해요 여기 메세지로
August 23, 2015
"你的幸福" is noun,"你的幸福着"is "ing".
June 10, 2015
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