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What does this sentence mean? "The Vancouver naked bike ride also coincides with other world-wide events for an accumulation of tens of thousands of happy naked cyclists roving the streets to raise support for human-powered transportation, safe streets and body positivity." --I don't understand what this means, "for an accumulation of" and "body positivity". Could you please explain to me?
2015年6月9日 23:08
Answers · 4
"for an accumulation" is referring to the summation of tens of thousands of cyclists from the various bike events, not just Vancouver's...which leads to support for human-powered transportation, and safer streets and at these events, the participants participate nude - it is hard not to feel positive about your body if you are willing to cycle nude in public, so I guess if you will participate in this, you will very quickly learn to be positive about your body!
Its saying that the event is taking place at the same time as other events so there will be more people in the area to participate. Body positivity is thinking of one's body in a positive aspect instead of a negative one. If you don't like part of your body the event will try to promote a positive feeling of those parts people don't like.
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