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You guys Is Native English speaking countries except the United States don't use "guys" ?( like "You guys", "Hello guys") If don't use "guys", what do you use another words? 미국을 제외한 영어권 나라들은 "guys"라는 말을 쓰지 않나요? 만약 쓰지 않는다면 어떤 단어를 사용하나요?
Jun 10, 2015 4:45 AM
Answers · 5
'You guys' is an American form of address. In recent years, 'you guys' has been adopted, to a limited extent, in the UK in informal situations, but if we say it we are aware that we are using an American style of speech. For children, you could possibly address them as 'girls' or 'boys', or if it's a mixed group, 'girls and boys' or 'children'. For groups of adults, we tend not to use any form of address, except in formal situations where 'Ladies', 'Gentlemen' or 'Ladies and Gentlemen' is used.
June 10, 2015
We do use 'guys' - although probably less so than Americans. We also use 'blokes', and occasionally when being very informal: 'fellas' (derived from 'fellows'). If you are being formal, or even just pretending to be be formal, 'Gentlemen' or 'Ladies and Gentlemen' is still pretty common.
June 10, 2015
Do Native English speaking countries other than the United States use "guys" ?( like "You guys", "Hello guys") If you don't use "guys", what other words do you use?
June 10, 2015
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