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HyunWook Park
until the end of August OR by the end of August? My internship will end (until the end of August) or( by the end of August) ? I actually heard that both are correct. If they are, what's the difference between them? Additionally My internship will be end or My internship will end. Which one is correct? Thanks for your help in advance! My English is getting better and better thanks to you guys. Best wishes, Hyunwook
10 juin 2015 12:25
Answers · 3
"My internship will end at the end of August" is the most natural to me. "My internship will end by the end of August" doesn't sound right but could work "My internship will end until the end of August" is completely wrong - The correct sentence when using until, should be "My internship will last until the end of August" My internship will end is correct. If you want to use "will be", you have to say "My internship will be ending (at the end of August") I hope this helps.
10 juin 2015
HyunWook Park
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