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I dont understand certain sentences (brazilian portuguese) I am listening to Cafe Brasil to improve my comprehension but some things dont make sense to me. For example: deixa eu levar adiante aqui senão vira zona este negócio aqui. - let me carry on here but turn this business area here? what does this mean? i dont understand what they want to say. There are many more which i will try to ask you all about
Jun 10, 2015 2:14 PM
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Hello Steve, 1) First, let's see some expressions separately: - Deixar eu... = Let me... - levar adiante = carry on , act up - senão = otherwise, else, or else, but etc. - virar = turn, turn into - zone = zone (literaly) / mess confusion (slang) - negócio = business 2) Now your sentence: "Deixa eu levar adiante aqui, senão vira zona este negócio aqui." [LET ME CARRY ON HERE, OR ELSE THIS BUSINESS WILL TURN INTO A MESS.] You could notice that he just reversed the order of the sentence...
June 11, 2015
"zona" in portuguese is like a "mess" This phrase is like "let me go before here turn a mess
June 10, 2015
it's a slang: levar a diante -to go on, to continue virar zona = to be messy este negócio - this thing
June 10, 2015
It sounds to me like the speaker wants to get the discussion back on track. It's like he had meant "Let us now move on before the whole thing stops making sense".
June 12, 2015
Português - Brasil E ai cara! aqui no Brasil temos muitos sinônimos para várias palavras, isso ocorre por conta da grandiosidade territorial do país e por suas varias nuances culturais, isso faz com que cada região tenha suas próprias palavras pra descriminar as mesmas coisas. Outra coisa são as "gírias" utilizadas, elas variam muito também de região para região e várias são criadas a cada ano, são os chamados "neologismos". Isso dificulta o aprendizado. Sugiro quando você não entender uma palavra, pergunte sempre por um sinônimo, pois no português temos sempre mais de uma palavra para a mesma coisa. ---- English Hey man! Here in Brazil we have many synonyms for multiple words, this is due to the size of the country and its various cultural nuances, this makes each region has its own words to discriminate the same things. Another thing is the "slang" used, they vary several also between regions and are created every year, are called "neologisms". This hinders learning. I suggest when you do not understand a word, always ask for a synonym, the Portuguese have always more than one word for the same thing. Sorry for my english, I'm learning too. Bye!
June 10, 2015
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