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이 문장은 정확합니까? 이 문장은 정확합니까? (Is this sentence correct?) I'm not sure if that is how to ask that question! I am also wondering about the translation for this sentence: 잠들었던 감각의 한계를 넘어선 그 순간 "The sense's boundary that used to sleep, in that moment passed beyond" (or something like that?) I know V-던 N is 'N that used to V' so: 'sense's boundary that used to sleep' Also, adding 은/ㄴ to past tense Adjective/Verb to modify the Noun, so that's where I got 'the moment passed beyond' (넘어선 그 순간) Any corrections or help please? Thank you!
Jun 10, 2015 4:39 PM
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Hey you! Working on that lyrics? ;) Yup that's the correct way of asking. If you wanna be a little less formal but still be respectful, you can say 이 문장 정확해요? 이 문장 정확한가요? Just a couple suggestions. 잠들었던 감각의 한계를 넘어선 그 순간 will be "the moment when (I) went over the limit of sense that used to be numb" So he's saying his sense of touch (in this case) used to be numb but at that moment his sense of touch became responsive. You have the grammar right but your translation was a little off cuz it's not the boundary that used to sleep but it's the sense that used to sleep. So the boundary will go after "passed beyond". So it'll be like the moment passed beyond the limit of sense that used to sleep. Or something like that. Yup. Hope you get what I'm trying to say here.
June 10, 2015
잠들었던 감각의 한계를 넘어선 그 순간 ☞ "잠들었던" modifies "감각" and "잠들었던 감각의 한계" is the object of the verb "넘어서다" ☞ "잠들었던 감각의 한계를 넘어서다" modifies "그 순간" -ㄴ/는- is a present tense prefinal suffix(ending) to modify the noun. It pass beyond the boundary of sense that used to sleep, at that moment.. (At that moment that it pass beyond the boundary of sense that used to sleep)
June 10, 2015
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