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I have a few questions. What are these and/or? "In most communicative activities the students will be using any and/or all the language that they know." "Because lots of ingredients used for daily dishes are refined and/or processed, so we eat many carbohydrates which change into fat without fiber or minerals." What does the "better dress-for less" mean?What does the "grails-an" mean? "Instead of slinking away disappointed, she looked around and found a better dress-for less. Events like this made her a much happier person. Her experience shows how thoughts and behavior affect the good and bad fortune we encounter. It proves that the most elusive of holy grails-an effective way of taking advantage of the power of luck - is available to us."
Jun 11, 2015 12:06 AM
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It is not the best way to write a formal essay, (although I do that all the time!), kind of a shorthand form of writing but it does butcher the tenses somewhat.... It might be clearer if you break up the following phrases: ....using any and/or all the language..... ....are refined and/or processed, to ...using any language, or all the languages ("and" here doesn't make sense), that is, it gives the students the flexibility to use any of the languages they know or (implied a combination of ) all the languages they know to communicate the activities... similarly, ...are refined and processed, are refined or processed .... As for the second passage, "found a better dress-for less....", I think there may be a typo or spacing missing..."found a better dress - for less" which is better written (clearer) as "found a better dress, for less" (meaning she found a better dress that is cheaper). The "-" placed without spacing next to the dress makes it look like a "dress-for" which doesn't make sense. Similarly, "most elusive of holy grails-an effective ...", if you insert a space or a comma after grails, it becomes easier to read as "most elusive of holy grails, an effective ...." I assume you know what a holy grail is?
June 11, 2015
Thanks a lot!
June 11, 2015
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