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Wu Ting
How would you interpret this name “Harriet Wheeler”? Infuriating telephone conversation with Lincoln Barnes. Say, did you ever think of doing short pieces? The kind of thing they run in the Popular Fiction Group? Pulp stories. I asked him why. “Oh, just wondering.” My opinion of those stories, which I shared with Lincoln Barnes, is that they are all written by one person using a hundred different pseudonyms. Her real name might be Harriet Wheeler. She eats nothing but chocolates and lives in one of the upstairs rooms at the Grove Park. How would you interpret this name “Harriet Wheeler”? Is it just a common name? Thanks. And this excerpt is taken from The Lacuna by Kingsolver.
Jun 11, 2015 4:47 AM
Answers · 2
It's not a common name. The specific name does not carry any obvious social overtones to me, although it's a sort of WASP-ish (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) name. The comment about "chocolates" and "Grove Park" make it clear, though. The Grove Park Hotel, I find, is an expensive hotel in Asheville. For some reason, it used to be common to characterize indolent rich women as "lying on a couch eating bon-bons" or "chocolates."
June 11, 2015
The name gives off a sense of arrogaance one would expect from a very rich person.
June 11, 2015
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