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Martina 娜娜
这些词什么意思? 大家好, 我不明白这些词的意思,你们可以写一个例如吗? 谢谢 打工,大象,递,丁,电台,催
Jun 11, 2015 8:16 AM
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You can use this very good dictionary to look up the meaning of Chinese words. They have loads of examples for each word as well!
June 11, 2015
大家好, 我不明白这些词的意思,你们可以写一个例如(例子)吗? 谢谢 打工,大象,递,丁,电台,催 打工: 我在苏州打工。I'm working in Suzhou 打工:means informal work ,also can means job with low pay 大象:我们在动物园可以看到大象。We can see elephants in the zoo。 递:把文件递给我。 pass me the file。 递:pass or give , a motion 丁: 把肉切成丁 cut the meat into tiny cubes 丁:tiny cube but also can mean a shape : 丁字形路口 T-shaped intersection。 电台:苏州交通广播电台 Suzhou traffic radio 电台: broadcasting station or radio station 催:不要催我 don‘t rush me 催:let someone do something quickly
June 11, 2015
打工 = work , 大象 = elephant, 电台 = TV station... one syllable words can mean anything, especially if they are parts of other words, like 递信 = deliver a letter, 胡萝卜丁 = diced carrot, 催妆诗 = poem for a friend's wedding
June 11, 2015
你们可以写一个例如吗? (应该是:例子,例子is a none. E.G.举个例子。 例如is a conjuction,it conducts a sentence or followed by words.E.G. 例如:我喜欢打球) 打工: v. it's a informal way of work. e.g. 我在上海打工。I am working in Shanghai. 大象:n. elephant 递:v.pass e.g. Can you pass that bottle to me? sorry I have to go. The others will be written tomorrow.
June 11, 2015
1、打工 now means 'work for private industry/company without steady income'。我给老板打工、我给巴菲特打工、我在KFC打工。 2、’电台‘ radio station;radio program;中央人民广播电台;3、大象-elephant,泰国有很多大象;4、丁 as 丁 is very like the alphabet “T”,so if you want describe a thing that looks like a "T",you can say “那是个丁字形的路”。5、催 is more like the verb ‘urge’。催(urge) 他(him) 去(to) 买书(buy books)。 6、递 means 'you hands something over to someone' and it emphasize passing by hands.For example,把书递给我(hand over the book to me)
July 17, 2015
Martina 娜娜
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