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what does "a kind of creative perk" mean? She was right, too, about being her own boss, he thought. He liked and admired that about her, her ability to find and do work that satisfied her on so many levels. Once he’d thought he’d found that with the law, and his writing served as a kind of creative perk. Now he was all in, and his life—on so many levels—depended on the reaction of a woman in New York with a colorful collection of cheaters, a broad Brooklyn accent and a sharply critical eye.2.what does " Now he was all in" mean? (in the previous chapter, he gave his agent his writing, i think he may want her to evaluate his work, probably waiting for her judge)3. what does "with a colorful collection of cheaters"mean?4. what does "broad Brooklyn accent"mean? isn't New York English the standard American English?
11 giu 2015 10:21
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2. Probably an abbreviation of "windcheaters" 3. America is a country of many accents - and NY is a big city comprising millions of people of many cultures and backgrounds and Brooklyn is one of city's distinctive districts where the writer suggests it is possible to identify a distinct accent. I am not sure in such a diverse country what is considered "standard American English" so perhaps an American contributor will enlighten us.
11 giugno 2015
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