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Catch a Chill Does 'catch a chill' have the same meaning as 'catch a cold'?
11 de jun de 2015 13:08
Answers · 4
It can mean the same thing as "catch a cold," but catch a cold means to get sick. "To catch a chill" can also mean to get cold, or to have a full-bodied tingling sensation associated with fever or sickness. EX: I usually catch a chill at the beach so I always bring a sweater. EX: I caught a chill a few moments before I vomited.
11 de Junio de 2015
Yes it means the same thing :)
11 de Junio de 2015
Yes, it could mean to catch a cold but it could also be slang for calm down but 'chill pill' might be used more so if it was slang
11 de Junio de 2015
Yes it does.
11 de Junio de 2015
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