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What would be the most effective way for leanr the prhasal verbs in english? There are so many and I can't memorize them all! Is really important for me to know them becouse Thre are a lot of text that includig them. I know the prhasal verbs can change the sense in a statement. So please somebody could help me? Thank you!
Jun 11, 2015 2:50 PM
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Hey Magdalena, how are you? I wish that I had an easy answer to your question. Phrasal verbs very rarely have logic behind them and need to be remembered, rather than understood. My best tip would be to avoid learning all the phrasal verbs for one verb together, e.g. come+around = change of mind, come+along = follow me, come+over = to give a certain impression. This can make it hard to remember as they all sound so similar. Instead, you are best to learn a mixture of different verbs, practice with them in sentences and try to use them when you speak or write in English until they "stick" and become a part of your lexicon. Here are some exercises that might help: Good luck, Tom
June 11, 2015
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