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Are these sentences for my GCSE French exam correct? Hello! I will be doing my french GCSE speaking and I just have some small parts in these sentences which I am unsure about and would greatly appreciate someone's help since I want it perfect. 1) Les deux que je préfère le plus, sont la pop et, le plus, la musique =I am not very sure with the 'et, le plus' section. I want to say that I like classical music more than pop. 2) Non seulement ça déchire mes oreilles car c’est vraiment bruyant, mais, pour moi, c’est aussi un tas de cris = The aussi fits there ok, right? 3) Le seul point négatif était que nous étions serrés... = The only negative was; is that first part ok or does it need alternations? 4) Je m’habillais déjà comme je suis maintenant et j’ai choisi la musique classique et pop parce qu’ils me conviennent. = In that first part I want to say "I have always been dressing like how I dress now" (but not word for word; I want to say it in a shorter version). Is the right meaning conveyed? Thank you very much!
11 de Jun de 2015 às 18:53
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It has been corrected now; thank you
12 de Junho de 2015
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