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what does "a kind of creative perk" mean? She was right, too, about being her own boss, he thought. He liked and admired that about her, her ability to find and do work that satisfied her on so many levels. Once he’d thought he’d found that with the law, and his writing served as a kind of creative perk. Now he was all in, and his life—on so many levels—depended on the reaction of a woman in New York with a colorful collection of cheaters, a broad Brooklyn accent and a sharply critical eye.2.what does " Now he was all in" mean? (in the previous chapter, he gave his agent his writing, i think he may want her to evaluate his work, probably waiting for her judge)3. what does "with a colorful collection of cheaters"mean?4. what does "broad Brooklyn accent"mean? isn't New York English the standard American English?
Jun 12, 2015 2:25 AM
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Hi! I hope that these answers are helpful. 1 - A "perk" is normally a really positive aspect of your job that not everybody else has. In this case, "Law" is not a creative career, but the fact that he is a writer too gives him that "perk" of still having creativity in his day-to-day life. 2 - Harder to answer. "To go all in" is a gambling term that means "to bet all of your money", and it can be used outside of gambling too. Maybe that he had committed himself and his time entirely either to the woman or to his law work or writing work? 3 - Also very strange. I have read that "cheaters" is an American slang term for a pair of glasses. I am from England, so to me it sounds very foreign. Hopefully somebody else can help you with this one. 4 - America, like every country of the world, has a huge range of accents and I think it is wrong to consider any "standard". When an accent is described as "broad" it means that it is "very strong" and therefore more difficult to understand by people from a different area of the same country. I hope that this helped :)
June 12, 2015
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