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1. what does "somebody's been working out"mean? She accepted defeat when his hands and mouth got busy, but tried a token protest. “I could. But should I?” He lifted his head briefly to pull off her tank. “I’m keeping the dog. No less of an ambush,” he said when her eyes lit up. “So you still have to make it up to me.” “When you put it that way.” Rearing up, she tugged off his shirt. “Somebody’s been working out.” She trailed her tongue over his chest. “Some.” “And eating his protein.” She wrapped her legs around his waist, stretched up, canted forward until she had him on his back. “I’m sup-posed to be cleaning your house, earning my pay, not getting naked with you in this gorgeous old bed.” “You can call me Mr. Landon, if that helps ease your conscience.” Her laugh was warm against his skin. “I think my conscience can be flexible in this case.”2.what does "eat his protein"mean?
Jun 12, 2015 4:32 AM
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It means to lift weights or perform other exercises in order to increase one's muscle mass. She took off his shirt and noticed he had large muscles.
June 12, 2015
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