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august wu
what does that mean 'Yes, of course, that is true…I hadn't considered that point…But what I meant was, it sounds more like a rather idiotic kind of hoax. Perhaps some convivial idiot who had had one over the eight.’ ‘Comment? Nine? Nine what?’ 'Nothing—just an expression. I meant a fellow who was tight. No, damn it, a fellow who had had a spot too much to drink.’ that is some dialogue in Poirot and Hastings from Agatha Christie's novel. I don't understand about "one over the eight" "Comment? Nine? ", what does that mean?
Jun 12, 2015 6:46 AM
Answers · 2
As far as I can see, Hastings uses the idiomatic expression "one over the eight" which means someone is slightly tight, drunk, tipsy. Poirot doesn't know that expression, so he interprets it literally "eight plus one, " and asks: Nine. Nine what?
June 12, 2015
august wu
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