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Sean Pei
gregarious and social what is the difference between social and gregarious ? they looks total the same to me. can someone give me some examples? thanks !
Jun 12, 2015 8:19 AM
Answers · 2
Social has a wider range of meanings, it can mean: 1. To enjoy the company of other people (e.g. I am a social person) 2. It can refer to events that are quite formal or of a sociable standing (e.g. I am going to this social event) 3. It can relate to the study of people in society (e.g. The social status of the working class) Gregarious does have a similar meaning to sociable, but what I would say is that the word 'gregarious' is not often used in conversational English; it is more of an academic word (at least in my opinion).
June 12, 2015
Sean Pei
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