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HyunWook Park
How to get to somewhere? How to get to a Galata tower? I suppose this sentence is correct. However, Is it also correct if I say 'How to get a Galata tower?'. Then the meaning will change from 'how to go' to 'How to buy or something else' right? So 'to' is necessary in this sentence I suppose. If I am wrong please correct my mistake :) Additionally, How to get there? or How to get to there? Which one is correct? Are both correct? As far as I know I do not need to put 'to' in this phrase right? Thanks a lot in advance.
12 июня 2015 г., 9:15
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Firstly, 'How to get to Galata Tower?' isn't a question. It might be a title of paragraph or note telling you how to get there. But as a question, it is neither meaningful nor grammatical. A correct question might be, for example 'How do I get to Galata Tower?' Note that there is no 'a'. Names of places can take either a definite article (the) or no article at all. 'How do I get Galata Tower?' is wrong. If you are using 'get (to) ' in the sense of 'arrive at/reach' you have to use the preposition 'to' to indicate movement from one place to another. Without the word 'to', the verb 'get' has other meanings, such as 'receive' or 'obtain'. If you were a multi-millionaire and you wanted to buy the tower, you might say to your business advisor 'How do I get Galata Tower?' but that means something very different! The only situations where you can use 'get' in the sense of 'reach' without 'to' is when you are using adverbs. Examples are : get here, get there, get home. Otherwise, you always need 'to'. Get to London, get to work, get to the bank. I hope that helps.
12 июня 2015 г.
Yes you are on the right track here re: not using 'how to get a Galata tower". That would be wrong, for the reasons you state. "To" is what you need. However you wouldn't just ask someone "how to get to Galata tower" - although they would understand you perfectly. You would ask "can you tell me how to get to Galata tower". And it is 'how to get there'. The second 'to' is unecessary, and incorrect. So your instincts are right in both cases - you obviously know the correct way to say both sentences - well done!
12 июня 2015 г.
HyunWook Park
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