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Piu` parole di quanto ci si apsetti! More words than expected! I was writing a letter which fell on the ground, mixing up the lines. Help me recover some words in Italian language: Uncles, uncle, blackberries, nests, races, ... Are there animals ? Is there a part of an animal ? u a c g a n a m p r i z c v e d i d e l o a n t e Rules, if you like rules: 1. Don't read other answers 2. look at your watch and record the time 3. find and write the words (following a snake path, without repetition on the same square, letters can be repeated, but from different squares.) 4. write down also initial and final times. I hope it's not boring! What is a word? Noun, articles, adjectives, singular or plural, and any verbal voice. Eventually write also the infinitive form of the verb, just to be sure.correction: aSPettiCan you find the name of the first great writer in Italian? (just name, not surname)
12 يونيو 2015 21:16
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Sorry, IT can't work, the square of letters is NOT clear!
12 يونيو 2015
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