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Wu Ting
what does "life was anything but"mean? That was one good thing. Another? The house hit “family holiday” perfectly on her scale. At least fussing with that had taken her mind off her pitiful failure with the artist. She wanted progress, as she took off the glasses she wore for close-up work and reading. She admitted she’d hoped to play a part in identify-ing the intruder and potential murderer, in helping Eli resolve his problems, with the little rush of solving a mystery. She wanted to make it all neat and tidy when she knew, absolutely, life was anything but.
Jun 13, 2015 5:16 AM
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It connects to the previous part of the sentence. In reverse order, it would be "When she knew (that), absolutely, life was anything but neat and tidy, she wanted to make it (identifying the murderer, etc.) to be so."
June 13, 2015
Wu Ting
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