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Wu Ting
what does "is she did say so herself"mean? She wanted progress, as she took off the glasses she wore for close-up work and reading. She admitted she’d hoped to play a part in identify-ing the intruder and potential murderer, in helping Eli resolve his problems, with the little rush of solving a mystery. She wanted to make it all neat and tidy when she knew, absolutely, life was anything but. Now she couldn’t shake off the nagging sense of annoyance, and the underlying sense of unease. At least her new jewelry stock turned out well, if she did say so herself. But her hope that the creative energy would unblock the block fell short.2. what does "unblock the block"mean? 3.what does "fell short"mean?
Jun 13, 2015 5:21 AM
Answers · 3
"But her hope that the creative energy would unblock the block fell short." - it says at the beginning that she wanted progress, so "unblocking the block" means overcoming whatever difficulties that trouble her and pushing the matter forward; "fell short" means that her creative energy lacked the means to do so.
June 13, 2015
2. It might be referring to removing a mental block from the annoyance and the underlying sense of unease but there's not enough context to be 100% sure 3.fell short means that something did not reach it's mark, unsuccessful or not completed
June 13, 2015
"Unblock the block" would require more context to be sure, but it appears to me that "she" may be experiencing "writer's block," which is a descriptive phrase in English that refers to the feeling a writer has when they can no longer think of new material for their book, novel, or writing assignment. So "unblock the block" would mean: ending the "writer's block." Fell short means to try something and fail. It may mean you got close to succeeding, but did not succeed. In this case, she did not succeed in ending her "writer's block."
June 13, 2015
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