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What is the meaning of 一有时间? I read the following sentence, 她一有时间就看英文书. I do not quite understand the meaning of "一有" in this context. Are there any other ways to say such sentence in Chinese? Thanks
Jun 13, 2015 7:35 AM
Answers · 7
This sentence has actually used a structure 一...就..., which means "as soon as". "一" means "一旦(once)". The whole sentence can be divided like this: 她/一旦/有时间,就/看/英文书. Once she has time, she reads English books. or She will read English books as soon as she has time.
June 13, 2015
"有"means "擁有" to have. She reads English book once she has time.
June 13, 2015
Well it means'as soon as I have time' or 'as soon as I'm free/available '. Eg:I will drop by you as soon as I have time'我一有时间就来看你。Do you understand now?Ask me again if you still have some problems;)
June 20, 2015
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