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Ahmed ِAboaisha
What's the best way to improve my accent?
Jun 13, 2015 4:52 PM
Answers · 13
Spend lots of time on listening and repeating the words by yourself ( you can speak to yourself. I find it totally normal for a langua learner)
June 13, 2015
You have to practise speaking with a teacher who can correct your pronunciation and give you constructive feedback and give you instruction on how to produce the sounds correctly.It is called phonetic training or ear training.
June 13, 2015
You have to keep practicing with a native speaker. Try mimicking the way the speaker speaks if possible or any unique pronounciations (R for french and spanish)
June 13, 2015
Hi Ahmed, Great suggestions above. Other than speaking with a native speaker, it is important to expose yourself to as much authentic language as possible (films, television, radio). The more you listen, the more accurate your speech will become. If I can help with improving your accent, please send me a message :) Liam
June 14, 2015
Ahmed ِAboaisha
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