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Michael King
刚 with a specific time period5 Hello all, Could someone please click on the following link, scroll down to where it says “just happened, with a specific time period” and tell me if the structure and example sentences that it gives are wrong? I showed one of the sentences to an American friend of mine who speaks Chinese, and she told me that time must ALWAYS go towards the beginning of the sentence, and therefore the given sentences are wrong. I need to know if they are wrong or not so that I can know if I can keep using and trusting this website!! Thanks, Michael King
Jun 14, 2015 3:41 AM
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All of the sentences in this page are completely correct. This website can be trustworthy :) If you put those time periods ahead of the whole sentence in this structure, then there must be a "前(ago)" following behind the time period. For example: 我刚到这里五分钟 = 五分钟前我刚到这里 我刚来中国半年 = 半年前我刚来中国 我刚学中文两个星期 = 两个星期前我刚(开始)学中文 All the samples above are 100% correct. And, to say "我刚来这里五分钟" is actually to indicate "I have just been here for five minutes" more than to indicate "I just got here five minutes ago." That's the real reason why "ago" can be omitted in this structure. But "五分钟前我刚到这里" exactly means "I just got here five minutes ago".
June 14, 2015
Michael King
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