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do a quick review I think review is different in Am and Bri English . When talking about subjects at school , I always use the word "revise. Ex . Revise Maths and revise for a test, which I think is right. But what would British imply by saying : Do a quick review ? could it be of a subject as well? And teacher in class should say Let´s revise some grammar point on the board/ let´s revise some vocabulary , Shouldn´t they? (IN British English, please) Thanks
Jun 15, 2015 7:45 AM
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My English is Chinese teachers teach, you say, I will answer you? If you have any Chinese problem though ask me, I will fully to solve!
June 15, 2015
You are right about the difference between British and American English with regard to the words 'revise' and 'review'. In British English, 'revise', in a school context, means going over the coursework that's been studied and learning it in preparation for an upcoming exam. It's used more for what students do alone, rather than for a class activity. 'Review', in British English, generally means looking at something in order to give an opinion of it, such as a book review, or in order to update or make changes to it, such as a salary review. That said, I'm sure it would be clear what a teacher meant by 'Let's do a quick review of some grammar points'. Context is everything when it comes to language - and in this context it would be obvious that they meant 'looking at it again briefly'.
June 15, 2015
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