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Kore, Kono, Koko I am a little confused.... Kore wa hon desu kono hon desu Hon wa koko desu Do these mean same thing?..... Here is a book? I think I may be missing some information on the usage.
2015年6月15日 15:16
Answers · 2
I have learned that kore is 'this' so the first line is 'this is a book'. Kono is always used before the known item. So kono hon. Eg Kore wa Nan desu ka? - what is this? Kono hon wa Nan desu ka? - what is this book? Koko is 'here'. Think of them as: Kore, sore, are, as this, that, that over there. Koko, solo,asoko, as here, there and that place over there.
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