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Gabriel Lundgren
とある引用の翻訳を頼みます Back in the day, Jeremy Bentham wrote this in one of his letters. I'd be really grateful if some kind person could translate this quote to Japanese. "To speak in sober sadness, I do dearly love, as you well know, in human dealings no less than in divine, to think and say, as far as conscience will allow me, that ‘whatever is, is right;’ as well concerning those things which are done, as concerning those which have been left undone."
Jun 15, 2015 10:10 PM
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悲しみの静寂に、ご存知の如く、成し得たことも未だ成し得ざることも正しきことを良心の許す限り神について人について思い語りたいものである。 * 英語初心者が馴染みのないジェレミーベンサムを直訳したものですので、まったく自信がありません。大きく外しているでしょう。 斯学への見識ある方々の訳を期待します。
June 16, 2015
Gabriel Lundgren
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