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What's the difference between "a bit" and "a little bit" My dictionary says the two phrases are the same but the word "little" makes me think "a little bit" has stronger meaning. What do you think?
Jun 16, 2015 11:02 AM
Answers · 4
As you'd probably imagine, 'a little bit' is less than 'a bit'. 'A bit of money' is a small sum, and 'a little bit of money' is even less.
June 16, 2015
Alyson is correct, they mean the same thing.
June 23, 2015
Your dictionary is correct; both phrases have the same meaning. Saying "I'm a bit hungry" means the same as "I'm a little bit hungry." Americans probably say "little bit" more frequently, while saying "a bit" is more common among British people.
June 16, 2015
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