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how do you use it in daily coversation ,,(( bring somebody up short )) give me examples 1- he was entering the office when he was brought up short by the sight of John. 2- Her rudeness brought me up short.
2015年6月16日 13:28
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Hmm...we don't use this expression at all ("to bring somebody up short"), at least not in my region of the US (New York, northeast US). It sounds awkward to me. I would tend use "to be taken aback" in the examples you've given, i.e.: He was walking into the office when he was taken aback by the sight of John. I was taken aback by her rudeness. / Her rudeness took me aback.
I have never heard this expression in my life. Without the context, I don't think I'd even know what it meant, it sounds strange to me too. Like torusan, I would use the phrase 'to be taken aback' in those example sentences.
It's kinda persian to english word-by-word...
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