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What is the difference between 大巴,巴士,公共汽车,公叫车.....? What is the difference between 大巴,巴士,公共汽车,公叫车,客车,市区公共汽车,弹头母舱,弹头母舱,普巴,路车,载客车. All of them means "bus". I certainly know that 公共汽车 is a bus. But some people told me that I can't use it always. And I can't believe that all of them are just synonims. Too many words xD
Jun 16, 2015 6:20 PM
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大巴 - literally a big bus 巴士 - it's exactly the transliteration of the word "bus". 公共汽车 - literally public vehicle, it refers only to buses that are used for public transportation. 公交车 - the same as "公共汽车" 客车 - coach 市区公共汽车 - that's an official name for "downtown public transport bus". 弹头母舱? never heard of that used to describe a bus. It probably refers to a warhead module of a missile and has nothing to do with a bus. 普巴 - the abbreviation of 普通巴士(normal bus), compared with BRT(Bus Rapid Transit) or special services. 路车 - that would literally mean "road car", but I don't think it's a word. 载客车 - passenger carrier.
June 16, 2015
巴士=公共汽车=公交车=公交汽车=公车,都是属于bus,市区公共汽车就是city bus。 大巴一般特指长途巴士(coach),客车也一般是指coach。 载客车就是能够载客的车,例如出租车,公交汽车,等等。 路车:没有这种用法,除非你想说“11路车”,就是十一路巴士的意思,英文比如说 bus 11/route 11/bus route 11之类的。 弹头母舱,弹头母舱,普巴:从没听过,普巴可能是“普通巴士”的简称,别的跟巴士都没有关系。 该词的用法:take a bus就是坐公车 ,take a coach就是坐客车。 坐公共汽车=坐公车/搭公车,一般都说比较简单的“”坐公车“,例如”我坐公车去上学。 你可以说“我坐公车去xxx” 也可以说“坐公交汽车去xxx” 看你心情了
June 17, 2015
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