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JunHyuk Kim
difference between "out of" and "from" Please check below a sentence. She took something (out of / from) my bag. I think both are right in this case since I have seen both. But if wrong, what is the difference? And one question is coming up now. I listend a podcast and I was told someting interesting. When I ask someone that "Do you like dog?" (without any article), that means I am aksing if you enjoy dog meat. So, to deliver my point exactly, I have to use a proper article. Is it right? Thanks
Jun 18, 2015 1:40 AM
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For your first question about the use of out of / from yes both could work just fine from that sentence. For the second question yes you are correct again. Generally when someone is asked if you like dog, they are suggesting that you eat dogs haha. If you were talking about a specific dog you would ask, "Do you like the dog?" or if you meant in general what you would want to ask is: "Do you like dogs?" or even to be more exact "Are you a dog person?"
June 18, 2015
JunHyuk Kim
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