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call in/ on / around I guess " call in = pop in , but I have recently come across " call round , and it seemed to mean the same. Could we say that " call in .call on .call round and pop in mean the same? Thanks Any options with " come ?.come over maybe ? Thanks again
18 de jun de 2015 9:16
Answers · 5
You can call on someone, pop in, or call round and they all mean to pay a visit. If you call in, it suggests making a phone call, such as to a radio or TV talk show, but I've never heard it used to refer to visiting.
18 de Junio de 2015
There are a number of ways of casually inviting someone to come and visit you: call in, drop by, pop in, call around, stop by, come on by.....they all mean the same thing.
18 de Junio de 2015
Yes, to me call in, call on, call round and pop mean the same. They have other meanings as well, but in the context of going to visit somone they all mean the same. These would be said by either the visitor or the person who is being visited. 'Come over' would also work but to me possibly sounds more likely to be said by the person being visited.
18 de Junio de 2015
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