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does "in her beam of sun"= she smiled? or does it have anything to do with the real sun? After the initial jolt, he found himself enjoying the company and chaos. Hauling luggage upstairs or bags and platters into the kitchen, watching his niece toddle everywhere—and holding what seemed to be intense conversations with the dog—noting his mother’s surprised approval when he pulled out a fancy tray of fruit and cheese to offer as a post-trip snack. But his biggest pleasure came from seeing his grandmother stand on the terrace, the breeze fluttering her hair as she looked out to sea. When he slipped out to join her, she leaned against him. In her beam of sun, the old dog Sadie raised her head, gave a little wag, then went back to sleep. “Sun warms old bones,” Hester said. “Mine and Sadie’s. I’ve missed this.”
Jun 19, 2015 3:26 AM
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It means that the suns light beams are shining on her, keeping her warm.
June 19, 2015
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