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Qu'un icconnu finisse? From the song L'amore set un cadeau. Can someone help me with translating this? The literal version doesn't seem to be correct :P The next line is "toutes vos phrases!" (all your sentences) I'm 99% sure that makes a difference :) thanks!
Jun 19, 2015 7:16 AM
Answers · 2
The sentence is decomposed in the song. The complete sentence is : Comment expliquer qu'un inconnu finisse toutes vos phrases? The sentence should be said completely by Hans but is finished by Anna who must be this stranger who ends all the Hans' sentences. The translation should be "How to explain that a stranger ends all your sentences?" "finisse" is a subjunctive form. Hans : Comment expliquer Anna : Quoi? Hans : Qu'un inconnu finisse Anna :Toutes vos phrases Hans : C'est ce que j'allais vous dire! Anna : Je ne connais personne
June 19, 2015
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