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Michelle G
帮我一下 这些句子有什么意思? 《吃饭怕我吃得多,做事怕我做得少,睡觉怕我睡觉得早,起床怕我起得晚。》 可能,我太怕了我就多吃饭? 我没看过这个句子的语法! I don't understand these sentences, not sure I've seen the grammar before either! Is it something like: I'm scared to eat so I eat more, I'm scared to do something so I do less, I'm scared to sleep so I sleep early, I'm scared to get up so get up late? Thanks :)
2015年6月19日 07:53
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Well, I'm afraid you have totally messed up the whole idea of this sentence :P This sentence 吃饭怕我吃得多 means the speaker is complaining about someone who is not willing to let him or her to eat. (The same gose to others) It's not like " I'm scared to eat". When you use this sentence there's maybe someone scared of you eating too much. Hope you can understand :) Enjoy learning.
There should be a subject. You can add 老板 as a subject. Then it is a correct sentence. “老板吃饭怕我吃得多,做事怕我做得少,睡觉怕我睡觉得早,起床怕我起得晚。” The meaning is " the boss worries that I eat too much, work too less , sleep too early and get up too late." The sentence can be changed into "老板怕我吃饭吃得多,做事做得少,睡觉睡得早,起床起得晚。“
This sentence lacks subjects, perhaps is "you" or "myself" or "somebody else". It depends on the context. The right way to punctuate it: (主语)吃饭(时)/怕我/吃得多,做事(时)/怕我/做得少,睡觉(时)/怕我/睡得早,起床(时)/怕我/起得晚。 It means: When eating, (subject) is afraid of me eating much; when working, (subject) is afraid of me working less; when sleeping, (subject) is afraid of me sleeping early; when getting up, (subject) is afraid of me getting up late.
in my opinion,these words have another meaning.吃饭怕(because)我吃得多,做事怕(because)我做得少,睡觉怕(because)我睡觉得早,起床怕(because)我起得晚。^_^.
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