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what does bless her, for a while longer"mean? “They didn’t know Hester Landon.” “They know me now.” She sat back. “But I’ve got a ways to go yet. I need your mother. Oh, I need your father, too. He’s a good son, and always has been. But I need Lissa, bless her, for a while longer. I’m on my feet, but I can’t stay there as much as I’d like, as much as I will. So I’ll stay in Boston until I’m satisfied I’m steady again. And you’ll stay here.” “As long as you want.”
2015年6月19日 14:26
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"Bless her" is an expression used by people in the southern US to indicate sympathy for a person. Ex: Bless her heart, she didn't realize he was a con man. Sometimes it can be used as a sign of affection. Ex: Bless her, I can't do without her help. It can also be used to indicate that the person being "blessed" by the speaker does not know understand what they are doing. Ex: Bless her, she married him even though he was a liar. The "for a while longer" part is actually part of the sentence "I need her ..." meaning she still needs this person to stay with her for a period of time.
"Bless her" (or any other object pronoun) is also common in the UK. I agree with Carolyn's explanation.
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