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how to make words smaller in Hungarian? So I've heard to make a name smaller you add ka or ke at the end of a word, or cska, cske. .. for example for little Santiago you would say Santiagócska, but it kind of sounds cheap. Is there any other way? ... and finally, how do I say my little Edit? Or just little Edit?
2015년 6월 19일 오후 2:57
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If we want to make a name smaller, we can use the suffixes "-ka" or "-ke", but nicknames are usually formed by adding "i" to the end. My name is Tünde, my nickname is Tündi, but a few people still call me "Tündike", although it's really for small children. Andrea - Andi - Andika Tímea - Timi - Timike Ferenc - Feri - Ferike Gábor - Gabi - Gabika "-cska" and "cske" is for children. Kinga - Kinguci - Kingácska Géza - Gézu - Gézácska Anna - Annuska - Annácska "Little Edit" is "Editke", but use it only if you are in a close friendhip with that person. Otherwise, Edit is fine.
2015년 6월 22일
"-ka, -ke, -cska, -cske" is rarely used, usually only children. Short name and "-ka, -ke, -cska, -cske". for example: Nikoletta short version Niki and -ke Nikike or Nikicske (Nikolettácska do not use or very rarely) But usually only shortened name is used. for example.: János=Jani, Tamás=Tomi, Krisztina=Kriszti... My little Edit: Drága Editem
2015년 6월 19일
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