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asking about age when you ask about someone's age , i've heard 你多大 and 你多大了. i was wondering what the difference between them is? and is it wrong to not include 了 ?
Jun 19, 2015 10:32 PM
Answers · 6
no different ,the both are same mean
June 19, 2015
same... 你 多大 = 你 多大 了
June 22, 2015
Not only in "Street language". It is known that there is definite Inflectional affixes like "ing" or "ed" following verbs in English or other most languages. In Chinese, we express something is done using “了 le ”, like these "我做完了,我吃完了,他写完作业了,他们看完电影了....",and express something is being done by somebody using "着 zhe”, like these "我玩着呢! 他打球着呢!他们等着别人呢!"
June 21, 2015
了 is more used in "the street language" i'd say
June 20, 2015
1. 了 is using in the end of sentence to express passed time 我吃过了,means I have eaten up 2. 你多大了 here is expressed stress of speaking without any other things
June 20, 2015
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