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Use of "nicht" and "kein"? I don't know very well when I have to use nicht instead of kein. I can say: "Ich esse keine Nuddeln", but can I say: "Ich esse nicht Nuddeln"? Other example: "Ihr seid keine Männer" or "Ihr seid nicht Männer"? If there is a difference of meaning, which one is it?
20. Juni 2015 09:34
Answers · 2
Pretty much like "no" and "not" in English "Nicht" ist used to negate a verb and "kein" to give a sentence that uses a positive verb a negative meaning. That can often result in the same thing. She likes to wear no dresses. -> Sie mag es, keine Kleider zu tragen. She doesn't like wearing dresses. -> Sie mag es nicht, Kleider zu tragen. Meaning is the same. It's just made differently
20. Juni 2015
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