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Is This Sentence Past Tense? I have a question about the following sentence. Mi sono gia' esecitata al piaoforte oggi. What I want to know is the grammar of this sentence. If this sentence is past tense, I thought it would be simply "Ho gia' esercitato al pianoforte oggi." Why "Mi sono"? Why esecitat"a"? Thank you.
20 giu 2015 17:31
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Hi! Yes, this is a past tense and now I'll tell you why. 1) The verb is "esercitarsi" which is a reflexive verb. That way you find "mi" 'cause it needs reflexive pronuns. 2) The whole past tense is "passato prossimo" made of "subject + auxiliar ( be/have) + past participle of the verb. -> Io (subject ) + mi ( reflexive pronun) + sono (auxiliar) + già (adverb) + esercitata ( past participle of "esercitarsi") + other complements. I hope to have been clear. Bye bye :D
20 giugno 2015
=== In addition to what Olga said: You could say, for example: Ho gia' esercitato la mia concentrazione e le mie mani al pianoforte oggi. Here you are using direct objects (concentrazione, mani) so you need a transitive form, that is given by 'Io ho esercitato'.
21 giugno 2015
Because you are performing the action and it comes back to you...
21 giugno 2015
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