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How do you say a letter out loud in Korean? NOT what the Hangul alphabet is. Like in English when we say... Person 1: Could you spell that out for me? per 2: W-A-L-L-E-T How do you say letters out loud?
2015年6月21日 04:12
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haha good question ;) 한글 is pretty straight forward so Koreans don't spell things out as much but there are definitely times when we do that too. For example when we meet someone new and ask for the name and the name isn't something very common, then we do that just to clarify. Recently, I met this person named 기림 and that's a really rare name. So I had to ask 기림이요? 그림할때 림이요? (기림? 림 as in 그림 (painting) 림?) So yeah, that's one example of how we'd do.
Sorry, that link is ridiculous! Try this, first three images give you Hangul letter names:
Here's how you pronounce the name of the Hangul consonants. There are also images for how to pronounce the name of the Hangul vowels, but I believe they are the same as pronunciation of the vowels themselves.
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